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fast native desktop client for all major messaging services

Download beta v0.35 (coming soon)

Blazing fast volt can handle hundreds of thousands of messages without lag. You can scroll to any point in the conversation instantly and search across thousands of messages in milliseconds.
Light volt is a native desktop app that weighs about 100 KB and has minimal CPU and RAM usage.
All chats in one place You no longer need a dozen apps to reach all your contacts across various platforms.


Are my passwords secure?

volt doesn't ask for your passwords and doesn't store them anywhere. Authentication is performed in a browser directly on the messenger's website.

Is my data sent anywhere or shared with anyone?

No. volt stores your messages and contacts on your machine for offline use and better performance. That's it.

Are there ads or any plans to introduce ads?

No, volt will always be ad-free.

You don't have ads, and you don't sell user data. What is the sustainability model?

Hopefully as volt grows, it will get more supporters on Patreon. There will also be an affordable premium plan for things like having more than 5 accounts. The base functionality will always be free.

What language is volt written in?

C. Actually it's written in a small language that compiles to C. You can read about it here.

Is it really only 100 KB? Or is it just an installer that downloads another 200 MB?

No, it's not an installer. The entire app fits into a ≈100 KB ZIP archive, and the only extra thing it downloads is ≈300 KB of high res icos, which are optional and are not needed for the app to work.

In the age of 300 MB chat clients and 10 MB web pages we started to forget how powerful our computers are and how much can fit in 1 MB. A lot of time and resoures were spent to ensure the small size and great performance.

Is volt open-source?

Not at the moment. Due to several reasons, right now the development model is similar to that of Sublime Text. The app will be open-sourced at some point, so you don't have to worry about it being abandoned.

If volt is not open-source yet, how can I be sure my messages and accounts are secure?

The plan behind volt is to build a light, fast, and reliable client for millions of users, not to spy on your data or sell it.

volt doesn't send any of your data to us or any third party. This can be easily verified with tools like Wireshark and tcpdump.

A security audit by an external security company will be performed in the future.

volt is a registered company, and all binaries are signed.

Is there a mobile app?

Right now the focus is on the native desktop clients. Development of Android and iOS apps will start in late 2018.

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  All binaries are signed
Changelog v0.35 - Fixed another bug with incoming Slack messages - Various rendering improvements v0.34 - Fetching new messages by scrolling is much smoother and faster - More than 40 chats can now be added (chats are now scrollable) - Text rendering improved for languages like Japanese - All Twitter links are now clickable - Fixed a bug with disappearing Twitter profiles - Slack usernames of new users are now displayed correctly - macOS binary is now signed by a verified Apple Developer certificate and can be installed via brew cask v0.31 - v0.33 - Linux support - Lots of crashes fixed - Fixed issues with incoming Slack messages - URLs are now clickable - Hashtags and mentions - Code block highlighting - Unicode bugs fixed - Performance improvements. Time to render a 10 000 messages chat reduced from ~200ms to 30ms. v0.30 - Windows support. v0.28 - v0.29 - Lots of bugs and crashes fixed. - Much better Twitter support: avatars, links etc. - App bundle for macOS. v0.27 - Complete re-write. volt is now a native app. Native controls and notifications. - App size reduced from ~5 MB to 90 KB. v0.26 - Discord support. - VK support. - Local data is now encrypted. - Text fields behave like native controls. - Scroll bar can be moved with a mouse. v0.23 - v0.25 - Lots of bug fixes. - New backend for faster and smoother releases. v0.22 - Multiple accounts support. It's now possible to use multiple Slack accounts, multiple Skype accounts, etc. - Facebook messenger. - HTTP proxy. - Improved autoupdates. - Pinned chats. You can now pin your favorite/most used chats so that they are always shown at the top. v0.21 - HiDPI displays support on Windows and Linux. - Only Slack channels you are a member of are loaded. v0.20 - Lots of Gmail bug fixes and improvements. - Message copying via a context menu. - UI fixes. - Improved text rendering. v0.19 - App startup time reduced from ~1.5s to ~0.5s. - You can now download all Slack messages in a channel (up to 100 000). - Improved Skype performance: messages are downloaded much faster. v0.18 - Instant chat search. Now you can search for any text in thousands of messages. - Settings window (mute notifications, monospace font option etc). - List of authenticated accounts. - Older hardware support for Windows. v0.17 - Fixed a lot of bugs with Slack. Now you can use volt with any slack team. - Slack messages are now loaded a lot faster. v0.16 - Made URLs clickable. - Fixed authentication. Now it works on all operating systems and doesn't expect a certain browser, since it's now embedded. - Pressing TAB will move the focus to the next UI element. - Improved contact form backend for even faster response time. Please submit bug reports, questions, and suggestions via the built in '?' form.